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Top 10 reasons to trust your wedding coordinator

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

10. She's plugged into world-class wedding networks.

Your wedding planner or day-of coordinator should not only have a list of preferred vendors and venues, but also a network for certified venues and vendors to recommend based on your date, time, style, preferences and non-negotiables - those wedding details you're going to be firm about (i.e. my family loves to dance the night away, so we 100% need a venue that's open past 1 a.m.)

9. She keeps you on track and on time.

In the months before, your coordinator keeps you true to your own to-do list and can advise how to determine which tasks your wedding party can take on - remember, they want to pitch in for your big day! As a single point of contact for all vendors, your planner will craft and confirm an easy-to-follow pocket-size color-coded day-of itinerary for the venue, vendors, wedding party, parents of the flower girl and ring bearer.

Invitation & wedding day timeline
Voulez translates your Pinterest into logistics for the vendors and the wedding party.

8. She answers the questions you would've otherwise asked too late.

Your mind's at ease when your planner prompts you to be proactive about details that are always better to ask about sooner rather than later. Don't overlook questions you think are silly! Your planner empowers you to fully understand your contracts and take transparency by the horns.

7. She'll only recommend vendors she knows and trusts.

For vendors you need, she'll know they'll succeed. Your planner will only put you in good hands, so when you need vendor research and selection assistance, you know it's someone she's seen set the bar as high as you deserve.

6. She's got social capital and passes on industry discounts to couples.

If your planner proudly promotes and demonstrates integrity in the industry that allows you to reap the benefits of saving, then she's certainly at your service! A planner's oath to act in the best interest of her clients is a commitment to provide them the value she creates from within her wedding networks and relationships.

5. She makes planning fun!

We create the means, you create the memories. Have had a hand in your DIY wedding projects and trust that your planner will prevent you from pouring too much energy into large undertakings that can become overwhelming stress.

4. She's a mediator in disguise.

Your planner will make it easier in the planning process when she's aware of your wedding party and/or family dynamics. Some decisions have to include the person who pays for them, and your planner can help articulate how each position should weigh in and where to draw the line with highest respect to the fact that your wedding day is about you.

3. She's got a Day-Of Emergency Wedding Kit that makes Mary Poppins blush.

There may be a Tide-To-Go moment or an extra safety pin that makes all the difference on your wedding day. Your planner should be ready to tackle any wedding emergency with the contents of her Züca bag that cater to the entire wedding party, from men to women to children and seniors.

(Also helpful tip for wedding industry professionals, especially media, makeup artists, hair stylists, find out more on Züca bag website here)

2. Her clients are happy to tell you themselves what a positive impact her role has on your wedding day.

Connect with a newlywed about their stress-free wedding day, and learn how their day-of wedding coordinator made that unforgettable difference for them. They are happy to impart wisdom and recall about their experiences in the planning process before and after hiring a planner. (Tip: It's another helpful conversation to have with your married friends, too!)

1. Her success is your happiness before, during and after your big day!

Not only is your planner proudest when you're having the best day of your life, but also when your family and friends are just as happy making those memories with you! That moment you've reached your bridal suite and the reception gifts at the foot of your bed give you that sense of magic - that is the service you deserve from your wedding planner.

It's all good!
Betsy Kershner Photography

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