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DIY Wedding Planning Myths

Let's debunk some DIY wedding planning myths and set the record straight.

Some common misconceptions about DIY weddings include the cost of the DIY look or the "looks like we did it ourselves" style. There are several options to purchase DIY-style items without committing to months-long DIY projects, but the cost adds up. Greenery is a trend on the rise in 2020, but many couples don't realize that greenery can become much more expensive than floral arrangements. On the other hand, there's the misconception that DIY is a solitary endeavor. There are so many creative ways to get the couple's friends and family to help complete DIY projects as a big team in such a way that gives everyone an opportunity to pitch in during pre-wedding events like the wedding shower, engagement party, bachelor and bachelorette weekends.

I always advise my couples to ask themselves, "What am I absolutely unwilling to budge on? What are my must-haves and absolutely must-not haves?" This exercise is really helpful in establishing guardrails for planning and make it easier in the decision-making process throughout a couple's planning journey. A piece of advice I give couples to keep their stress down is to consult with a certified wedding planner regarding the aspects of planning, especially regarding where and how they need help the most. This gives the couple validation they're on the right track and a stronger sense of control which, let's face it, is exactly what we want when we're planning the most important day of someone's life.

Some of the most challenging obstacles couples face when they choose to DIY their wedding certainly include organization, time management, and asking for help when necessary as a result of underestimating the time commitment required to keep the planning experience a smooth ride from the get-go. These can generally be overcome by consulting a professional wedding consultant who can help the couple only when they need it, as opposed to a full-service wedding planner. That way, the couple can benefit from the relationships and corresponding vendor discounts from the wedding consultant such that the couple can [simultaneously] save just as much or more money than they spend on the consultant. These are the types of benefits you'll get from inside my online wedding planning workshop, Plan Your Wedding Like A Pro.

Depending on the couple's budget, they can save a few hundred or up to several thousands of dollars by pursuing a DIY-hybrid wedding experience. More specifically, couples will find DIY is worthwhile when it comes to some decorations, centerpieces, and wedding favors. On the contrary, I highly recommend that couples hire a professional for wedding planning consultations, wedding hair & makeup, cake, flowers, dress, and veil. One caveat is that some couples may highly prioritize the wedding photos, which is why I advise hiring a professional hair and makeup artist who's trained to work with the wedding day conditions like daylight and indoor lighting.

I mentioned earlier that it's just as important to consider the must-haves just as much as the must-not-haves. To that end, those who shouldn't have a DIY wedding include those couples seeking a bigger-than-elopement destination wedding or couples who don't have the luxury of time to plan and handle the 5,000-something wedding details they will encounter in their planning journey. You can find out more about 16 wedding planning myths here on the Wedding Shoppe's blog.

Many times, you can schedule a free consultation with a planner to get a sense of the questions you didn't even know you had. Book yours here.

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