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Expert tips: Gentlemen's attire

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

We're kicking off our summer blog posts with a few things to consider for the groom & groomsmen! Generation Tux - also known as GenTux - was born out of the fact that the experience of getting a tuxedo should not be terrible & in the past, it has been, where there's a lot of risk throughout the rental process. In fact, a lot of these risks are things brides don't even know about.

The delivery, the fittings, the customization, the rental & return policy - these are all extra things to add onto the already-long wedding checklist. GenTux eliminates the stress around the entire process. For starters, they currently deliver to the entire wedding party, regardless of where they might be within the U.S. You pick out your style, schedule fittings as needed & then GenTux delivers 14 days prior to the event date. If there are any issues, they deliver replacements straight to your door. No exchanges necessary & all free shipping.

Don't let the groom & groomsmen attire wait until the last minute. The entire process with GenTux is so seamless that it becomes something enjoyable. More importantly, the men look great! Facebook & other social media might remind you every year what you looked like on your wedding day; your smart wedding planning decisions make the difference.

Common question: What's the timeframe for getting a tuxedo rental figured out?

GenTux knows that the groom & groomsmen attire planning begins when the couple selects a color palette/wedding theme. That could be 12, 13 or even more months out from the big day. About 4 to 5 months before the wedding day is about the time to start planning the men's attire, reviewing color swatches & have quality time to opt-in for GenTux's free home trial to see, feel & wear the suit in the comfort of your home. Take 48 hours to make sure you love it - twice.

Common question: How do you get guys to relax when they're looking for a suit?

They can get anxious or frustrated, whether it's due to self-esteem or more nuanced concerns about how the pants fall by the ankle, how long the sleeves are among the wrists, or just not understanding how something should fit. They are meant to be worn in a particular way; for example, it fits a certain way when standing versus when the arms are over the head.

Common question: What's the best approach in reply to groomsmen who say, "I already have a suit," especially when the couple decides that suits & shoes are at their own cost?

There may be some ill-fitting garments when suit they already have are coming out of the closet for the first time in a long time. Get excited about the exploration; keep in mind what you envision for your wedding day & discuss that vision as a couple. Check out wedding photos on Pinterest & wedding portfolios to make sure you're on the same page with expectations of how the suits are meant to look, according to the couple. Ask the groom & the groomsmen about making wedding decisions collaboratively here and establish that the groom will manage his groomsmen.

Quick pro-tips GenTux has to offer: Get professionally measured or at the very least ask for the best help you can find; you shouldn't go through this blind. Styles: If you're tucking in your shirt, don't let it bunch up. You don't want bunching in the arms or pinching on the wrist or puffing in the shoulder areas. Arms at your side, your comfort is above all else.

Common question: What's the groom's grooming schedule?

While Voulez's wedding planning checklist contains a portion for groom & groomsmen attire from 5 months to the 2 weeks leading up to the wedding day, the answer really comes down to personal preference. If you're more interested in the way your hair looks 2 or 3 days after it's been cut, then trust yourself. Shaving facial hair will be affected by the dryness or oiliness of one's skin - again, trust yourself.

Common question: Mismatched bridesmaids dresses? How do you mismatch groomsmen, too, without making it look messy?

Go with a neutral suit (i.e. gray) & mismatch the accessories (i.e. pocket squares). With GenTux, you have the option to mismatch suits - like blue, gray, etc. Maintain continuity & have fun with it!

Common question: How do you gift groomsmen something unique that you're not going to spend the next year & a half paying off?

This can be especially difficult when the last of your loved ones in your friends & family are finally tying the knot. Alternative gifts like wooden-back journals, customized money clips, or even immersive experiences are out-of-the-box ideas to explore.

Common question: Where can you find quality suits for women who want to wear suits?

GenTux has provided suits to women before; this is another time you can rest assured that the two free home trials ensure you know exactly how your tux looks & feels on you. With minor alterations to accommodate your body type, GenTux is a surefire way to explore your options.

Common question: Where can you score a discount?

Great question! Get 10% off your order (which already includes free shipping), get your free swatches & two free home fittings. If you have 5 or more in your wedding party who need tux rentals, the to-be-wed gets their tux for free! You can use the promo code Voulez at checkout.

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