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For the to-be-weds...

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

You’re getting married!

The engagement is exciting, you’re smitten, and you’re ecstatic as you tell friends and family about the news. Most engaged couples feel inclined to check out Pinterest and photos on Instagram to create a vision for their wedding day. And then, all of the sudden, there’s a weight to the decision-making process about who to invite, whether or not the wedding party is too big or too small and which location to lock down for the wedding, reception, or both.

This is typically when a couple starts to discuss the wedding date. It’s helpful to do this first and map out from there what needs to be planned by when. The to-do list gets pretty long by the end of the first week or month of your engagement, and you may have friends or family who’ve already reached out to assist you with the little things.

But how much responsibility should you give your friends and family without burning them out? More importantly, how do you get all of it planned without burning out yourself?

A step in the right direction is critical in pre-planning!
Besty Kershner Photography

The next best thing to do is to get in touch with your married friends. Inquire about what they did to get started with planning their wedding, and you’ll find instant support in how you’re feeling and what you’re dealing with.

It’s easy to get consumed by the planning process, or how daunting it can be in the beginning. That’s why it’s essential to find your support system right away. Specific friends and family who are there for you when you’re emotional, or getting logistical, or need a push to get re-inspired by the planning process, is a great start to delegating specific conversations among the people who care about you. Plus, it gets them involved right away.

Okay, great! So what next? Stay tuned for the next step in planning your wedding...

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