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How to plan a wedding's LIVE music

Last month, we had the privilege to speak with a live musician in the Bay Area who started out entertaining locals and tourists alike on the famous Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Now, he's the #1 singer-songwriter in San Francisco, according to - the world's largest website for independent musicians! His latest single was #3 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts.

If you're interested in live music for your wedding ceremony, cocktail, reception (or a combo of two or three), then start getting recommendations from your wedding consultant and listening to music samples. This can be a super fun part of your wedding planning process! I know what you're thinking: How do I find the time to listen to so much music?

You can limit how much you listen to, yet maximize the time you have, by listening wisely. Try out 5-10 songs from an artist recommended to you based on your theme, style and budget. For every song you listen to, check out the first 5-10 seconds of the song, about 10 seconds of the middle of the song, and the last 10 or so seconds of the song.

Did you like what you heard? Chances are, you'll probably like the entire song. Test this out with an artist you know or one who's similar to the musicians you already like. Verify that this time-saving method works for you.

What we like about Sam Johnson Live is that he offers a band, and you have a choice of a solo live performance or a singer with a band. Always think about how much space, power, lighting and set up time your vendors need. Sam Johnson takes up very little real estate in your event space, which is ideal. About a 4x4-foot space for a solo setup and a 10x10-foot space is perfect for him plus his 3-piece band.

Think about what songs you want to play for guests as they seat themselves before the wedding ceremony begins; the processional and recessional (up and back down the aisle); the cocktail hour and dinnertime. Throughout your wedding planning process, create two separate playlists: one with must-have songs, and one with songs you absolutely do not want to hear at all. Share these lists with your musicians ahead of time, and remember to let them know whether or not it's okay for your guests to request songs!

A few other reasons why we enjoy listening to Sam Johnson Live are because couples who consult Voulez love acoustic, a wide variety of cover songs, instrumental options, original compositions, and a musician who brings all of their own equipment (so that you don't need to stress about extra rentals); Sam Johnson offers all the above. Along with his charming voice and guitar, his band can add bass and drums to the ambiance. Take a listen to his live performance on your way to work, school, on a walk, on a drive or at the gym.

If his tunes jive with your jam, don't forget to subscribe, like and follow him to explore more of his music.

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