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Introducing Artet

A family in California has designed Artet with the goal of bringing together cannabis & cocktail culture. They, just like me when I brought the Cannabis Wedding Expo to California, always imagined weddings as a great venue for a more elegant way to enjoy cannabis. As they take a hospitality-driven approach to cannabis, certified wedding planners like me introduce legal ways to incorporate cannabis into weddings like yours.

According to its founders, Artet is best described as the first zero-proof, low-dose cannabis aperitif crafted for slow sipping over the course of an Italian-style aperitif hour. Developed for pairing with good company, good food & good conversation, Artet’s precisely dosed recipe is made from a low-impact THC distillate and blended with eight botanical extracts to relax the mind and body while opening the palate for a great meal. This dreamy detour to the Amalfi coast in a glass is made possible via a signature blend of botanicals, terpenes and spices designed to effortlessly mix into any favorite aperitif or simply splash over a glass of rocks and top with a twist.

Keep in mind that cannabis consumption by the glass may or may not be permitted by cannabis-friendly venues depending on the city & county in which your wedding venue is located. It's best to consult directly with the venue manager & with your certified wedding planner. After all, it's our job to keep our ears to the legal pulse of cannabis legislation as it changes fairly rapidly, especially in California.

From more than a few years of experience in the cannabis industry coordinating cannabis weddings, yacht tours, art museum tours & other deluxe cannabis experiences, I can safely say serving Artet is an easy way to incorporate cannabis if you're seeking something subtle yet remarkable at your wedding or next event. Some guests may even consider celebrating in a way that, before your wedding, they never thought possible. Needless to say, I highly recommend exploring sophisticated options off the beaten path. Shall I propose a toast?

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