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More than a Kodak moment

[Motion] Photos are worth a thousand words, and your wedding is more than a Kodak moment. You want the best videographer for your style and budget, but there are so many portfolios to sift through and it's hard to know where to start! Videographers are the one vendor couples seem to teeter on - to hire one, or not to hire one? That's the question.

Your style and budget are among the first criteria that Voulez considers so that you get the best vendor recommendations just for you, right off the bat. This week, we're featuring Featherstone Studios.

Featherstone Studios captures weddings and events from Sacramento all the way to San Jose (and anywhere else, too, upon request). Check out the video reel samples!



Not all videographers will offer you the raw footage to do whatever you want with the shots - but this vendor does.

What else can you get?

A 3- to 5-minute highlight video

A 30- to 40-minute wedding video

A combo for an even better price

Voulez loves vendors that give you the whole day, no matter the amount of time you've booked them for. Whether you want just 30 minutes, or the standard 6 hours, this vendor is as dedicated to your wedding day as you are.

Just in case Uncle Joe stands up in front of one camera, there is are at least two others filming the ceremony, and at least one extra capturing the dances and speeches.

Need we say more?

Lights, camera, action!

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