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Non-Stripper Bach Parties

Bach party is the term we use to practice gender neutrality when we refer to a bachelor or bachelorette party. Planning a bach party can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be!

The event can last an entire weekend, half-day, or a whole night. Some bach parties are hosted the night before the wedding or during the month-of. Depending on your preferences, consider thrill-seeking adventures or pampered spa treatments—or a combination of both. Bach party festivities are meant to pack in as much fun as possible to create the ultimate cathartic experience before the big day. While strip clubs are a classic American way to celebrate a bach party, there are several non-stripper themes that can make for timeless memories, too.

Unlike other pre-wedding parties, the bach party doesn’t require formal invitations. Before the pandemic, bach parties were often hosted in a foreign destination. Now, they are more than likely arranged as a staycation. The first decision to make in planning is the date that works best for all the invitees. Some folks work on weekdays, so a Friday or Saturday night are top contenders for the best turnout. Be mindful about the location(s) and how busy or crowded it will be at the time of your event!

Last, but certainly not least, be respectful. Bach parties hosted at gay bars aren't uncommon in America, but it's not always appreciated by the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ bars and social spaces used to be constantly harassed by cops who would come in and make arrests. A gay bar’s purpose is to create a safe space for the gay community. To come into a queer space as a tourist lacks integrity, especially if your life doesn’t reflect those values. Moreover, it’s disrespectful to forcibly grab at gay men in these spaces (and anyone anywhere, for that matter). While it’s common for bach party attendees to do things they'd never do otherwise, it doesn’t grant a free pass to disregard consent and common decency. Remember, it’s customary for all patrons to tip well (e.g. 15%), which is easiest to handle when you set up a tab with a prepaid tip

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