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Plan the Ultimate Bachelorette Party Vacation

(While Staying Safe and Spending Less)

I'm excited to showcase another voice from the world of DIY on a topic that goes further in depth than my online course for couples, Plan Your Wedding Like A Pro, about how to plan additional wedding events - like your bachelorette parties. This blog post was authored by our guest writer Aimee Lyons, creatrix of DIY Darlin:

Three ladies dressed in summer attire, barefoot on the beach, facing the sea
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Your best friend calls to tell you the love of their life finally popped the question. After the screams and squeals of delight, the first thought in your head is probably, “It’s time to plan the beach party!” Unfortunately, their idea of a night with the crew is more like a week on the beach. As you check your ATM balance, however, you realize it’s going to take some financial finagling to make this dream a reality. Thankfully, the following tips will help you pick a dollar-friendly destination without sacrificing the safety of your soirée.

The Beach!

Spending a week on the beach might sound like a fantastic way to celebrate an engagement, but your bank account might not agree with that sentiment. So, how can you keep your newly engaged BFF happy while keeping your budget from sinking to the bottom of the ocean? You can start by skipping the hotel and looking into a vacation rental property. Not only do they accommodate more people, but you can also find one close to the activities you want to enjoy — which will help cut down on the cost of transportation. Also, everyone can chip in on the rental price, allowing everyone to enjoy the same luxuries while keeping the costs low. When you’ve figured out where you want to go, use websites such as HomeToGo and FlipKey to locate rental properties that will put you right on the sand.

Money-Saving Methods

Putting money aside for your destination celebration can be summed up in three words: scrimp, save, and sacrifice. Sacrifice may be a bit of an exaggeration, but in order to save enough money to fully fund the festivities, you’ll have to make accommodations to your daily routine. Start by tracking your spending habits. You might find you’re spending more than you thought on everyday indulgences, such as your $5 workday latte, which can easily add up to $650 in six months. (As an added bonus, you’ll reduce your weekly caloric intake by almost 1,000 if you switch to plain old homemade coffee.)

You can also reduce unnecessary spending by creating a budget that eliminates a few wants and pushes you to focus on your needs. Also, consider getting your friends together and pooling your resources for some accessories you might need for the trip. If at all possible, instead of purchasing new stuff, split the cost of items like hair dryers, fancy skincare products, and whatever else you feel you need to stay beautiful during your adventure. That way, everyone has access to new items without feeling the sting in their finances.

Finally, you can save money on entertainment by bringing your own fun with you. Although you probably won’t spend too much time inside your room, you never know when the weather will throw a monkey wrench into your plans or everyone will decide to lounge around, watch TV, listen to music, and simply hang out. Instead of splurging on movies, bring along a portable streaming device, one that will give you a wide variety of options to choose from, as well as music apps like iHeartRadio or Amazon Music if you want to spin some tunes. What’s more, most of these devices are relatively inexpensive, meaning you’ll save money at the same time.

Safety Starts at Home

Before heading out on any trip, research the area to make sure you’re comfortable with its local crime statistics. Also, don’t skimp on home security procedures, even if you’re only going to be away for only a weekend or a few days. Lock your windows, put the lights on a timer, and doors and let your neighbors know you won’t be around. If you haven’t already, the weeks before a vacation is a great time to install a home security system, which has the added benefit of potentially saving you up to 20 percent on your home insurance premiums, according to the experts at Safewise, a company that compares home security systems for consumers.

If at all possible, start your travel planning at least three months in advance to take advantage of discounts. However, if your best friend is pushing the nuptials after a whirlwind romance, you can always scour Expedia for its last-minute travel deals. Regardless of what you have to do to make this trip work, remember one thing: have fun!

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