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Plan Your Wedding Without A Planner

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Next Wednesday, September 25 at 1pm PST // 4pm EST, you get access to the best-kept secrets of a pro (register here)! It's been several months of travel between the U.S. and the E.U., and throughout the entire year so far, I've been contemplating one question: What's the most optimal way to deliver the best value possible to engaged couples in their wedding planning journey no matter where they are in the world?

Your entire wedding day, night, weekend, week - well, your entire wedding planning journey, from proposal through your wedding day - is a celebration! And I truly believe you deserve to feel like it's a celebration all the way through, so that's exactly why I've created an online seminar for engaged couples to collect some of the best-kept wedding planning secrets in a celebratory, fun & fabulous way. Some parts of planning can be tough or tedious (or just plain bureaucratic), but why not make every phase of the journey an opportunity to celebrate the fact that you found the love of your life?

Engaged couples can expect to learn a lot from this webinar - like how to:

1. Whip up a long-term success strategy that slays overwhelm and confusion.

2. Unlock industry secrets that give you the upper hand with vendor contracts.

3. Slash costs with an on-demand financial coach and tailored budget tool.

4. Tame your family and wedding party dynamics to ensure rock solid cooperation when you need it most.

5. Uncover and blast through all the bureaucracy you never knew is in your way.

6. Delegate day-of tasks confidently and consistently so that everything auto-magically falls into place.

And, if one hour isn't enough...fortunately, there's an entire online wedding planning course that takes a deep dive into each phase of your wedding planning journey. For a free 1-hour sample of all this goodness, register now to come celebrate your engagement with me on Wed. 9/25 at 1pm PST // 4pm EST. Keep an eye out for upcoming webinars, too, because I'm saving a bonus just for you while we're online live together.

Who's ready to celebrate?!

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