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Planning your own wedding

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

For any wedding, planning is a small leap for you and a giant leap for what you envision on your big day. Having a full-time job, or a child, or extracurricular activities may be something you're already managing. However, the moment you begin to plan your own wedding, your daily routine has to change as you adjust to the demands that planning puts on your plate.

Join the live Q&A session on the Voulez Events Facebook page this Saturday, March 30, at 3pm PST // 6pm EST - and get answers and guidance to navigate your wedding planning challenges!

Ivy Summer, a Certified Wedding Planner with over a decade of experience, will be answering questions from recently engaged couples who are 12, 6, and 3 months away from their wedding day.

The coolest part is that she tackles your on-the-spot questions, too!

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