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Take the dress & tux out to adventure

Are you interested in getting the most out of your wedding attire?

How about a fun-filled day in Greece or beyond, in your wedding dress or tux, making unforgettable memories like you never thought possible?

Oh, it's possible!

At Voulez, it's all about making the wedding planning journey feel just as fun as the wedding day (& in this case, the day after, too). You can't help but wonder what these couples are doing in their wedding day attire as they partake in adventures that you just can't make up. So, we wondered, "Are these couples getting married, and who is capturing this jaw-dropping footage?"

Alas, it's the day after their wedding & videographer Panos Rekouniotis offers couples the option to take their post-wedding celebrations to stoic backdrops around Europe as you browse a menu of unconventional experiences that will result in the thrills you get from skydiving (even if you're not actually skydiving). While Greece is a perfect place indulge your just-married adventures (trust me, I've been here almost a dozen times now), it's relatively cheap to hop, skip or jump to any of its neighboring countries. Rekouniotis can also arrange for multiple couples, which makes these trips even more affordable.

Each couple gets a whole day dedicated to their photoshoot because there's way too much fun to have -- so, why not pack as much laughter & make as many hilarious memories in a day as you can?

Travel is one of my favorite things, so when it comes to tips about where to go, around what times of year, what to do while you're exploring new places & getting discounts to performance art shows, sporting events, or excursions by land, sea & air, then Voulez is where you get your fill. I already know that you'll book your flights to make it to your destination -- that's exactly why I specialize in all the things you can do, all the things at your fingertips when you get there.

Just like your first consultation, your travel-related services are complimentary. You deserve to be treated like a VIP throughout your entire wedding planning journey (& top it off with a wild hoorah) -- so what are you waiting for?!

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Erik Vice
Erik Vice
Mar 16, 2022

Wow! This is the first time I hear about such an event, and you know, I like it. This is something unusual. Maybe my wife and I will try it sometime. The video is just awesome! In order to combine the video, as I understand it, did you use this, or something else? It turned out really great and exciting.


Tessa Dudley
Tessa Dudley
Sep 27, 2021

Thhanks for writing this

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