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Wedding Trends for 2020

I'm super excited to explore the trendiest wedding ideas as we approach the new year (& I know you are, too). The cool thing about trends is that you can make them your own; it's fun inspiration that you can make unique to you.

Let's cover four general trends on the rise...

1. Seating charts printed on mirrors

This is a really beautiful, trendy approproach to creating a seating chart. It's attractive to couples who love the DIY look (or LLWDIO, which is what I call "looks like we did it ourselves) because you can either DIY or get it printed by a vendor for pick-up or shipped right to your home.

2. Undeniably unique wedding invitations

When you reach a certain stage in your life, it's totally possible to receive a dozen wedding invitations in a single year. If you're getting married, how do you differentiate your wedding invitations from everyone else's? It's the very first impression your guests get of what your wedding might be like. It's the beginning of the story you're going to tell about your love & how you want to celebrate it. Take into account what trinkets, items or styles that make you & your partner marvel, excited & in part, describe who you are.

3. Dark mood/style (emerald, maroon, dark blue)

There are so many colors to consider, but don't forget the many dark shades that can bring in bold vibes to your wedding aesthetic. It doesn't matter if it's spring or summer - even one dark color in your palette can make your style pop & they pair especially well with silver, gold or copper accents.

4. Alternatives to guest books (bucket list book)

Take it a step further by taking a picture of yourselves doing the bucket list items, share them with your guests & don't be afraid to keeping using your wedding day hashtag! Celebration is my favorite way to waltz through life & I hope you find a bit of inspiration for your wedding day in these trends.

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