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Cannabis-friendly weddings & events in San Francisco

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

This blog post features our guest writer and friend Alan James from the California Party Bus Service:

The arrival of the newly legal cannabis industry in San Francisco could very well change how you celebrate your upcoming wedding or any other celebration. Recreational shops opened this past January, and there's been a lot of change in the area. With the Cannabis Wedding Expo having just occurred in February, it's safe to say that there's a lot of potential to involve cannabis in your celebration. Whether you'd like the presence of cannabis to be discreet or out in the open, there are a lot of ways to execute the addition in a way that reflects your personal values and style.

Cannabis-friendly weddings are on the rise.
Cannabis is in the air, too!

Potential vendor additions

Catering and Candy

There are so many talented and creative businesses offering goodies for cannabis friendly weddings. The cannabis infused cotton candy offered by Be Edibles is a fun addition to a party in San Francisco. Similarly, Madame Munchie's offers artisan cannabis macarons that are low dose and perfectly classy for any celebration. Revive Organics offers medicinal candy bars with fifteen different options to choose from, and Sarkara offers infused candy with the option to add images. It would be a clever way to hand out goodies to guests and have pictures of yourself and your sweetheart on the edibles.


Budtending is an increasingly popular addition at weddings across the state. There are numerous companies offering this service in California. You can customize what strains and products you want to provide. If you want to have a self service station, Canna Reign offers sophisticated lided vessels, trays, vases, and banners. However, having a professional budtender is a great idea since they can personally oversee the distribution of cannabis to guests.

Florists and Friendly Venues

There are a lot of ways to incorporate your love of cannabis into the floral aspect of your San Francisco wedding. It's quite popular to have bud boutonnieres and additions to floral centerpieces at tables. Whatever route you chose to go, it's important that you seek out a cannabis friendly venue if you want to include it in your celebration. Some venues might not allow smoking but are on board with things like edibles and vapor, so be sure to open all lines of communication so everybody is on the same page.

Safe and Responsible Transportation

Any time you partake in consuming cannabis at an event, it's important that transportation is organized beforehand. It's a good idea to provide transportation for your guests in the form of a shuttle, especially if they're from out of town. When you speak with potential transportation companies, be sure that they're experienced with the venue you've chosen and open to cannabis consumption on their vehicles if that's something you want to do. You want to avoid any charges for damages, and a shady company could easily charge you hundreds of dollars for smoking if you aren't totally aware of the policies in their contract. Ask for a contract from any potential California Party Bus Service before making any decisions!

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Buds and blossoms!
Contact Voulez for details about how to incorporate cannabis in your wedding.

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